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Michael Jordan Playoff Record

There will always be comflicting opinions as to who the G.O.A.T is when it comes to NBA Basketball. Many will say it’s MJ, many will say it’s LeBron, and other’s might say it’s Kobe. Regardless of whom you might think is the greatest of all-time, when it comes to NBA playoff basketball there is no debate; Michael Jordan is without a doubt the G.O.A.T in the playoffs. We take a look at Jordan’s incredible playoff statistics and reminice on the MJ’s glory days and Michael Jordan Playoff Record.

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Michael Jordan Playoffs Percentage

Before we really dig into why Michael Jordan is without a doubt the greatest playoff player in NBA we’re going to take a a look at some overlooked, underapprieciated stats of his.

Michael Jordan 1993 Playoffs New York Knicks
Jordan shoots a jump shot in the 1993 NBA Playoffs against the New York Knicks.

One stat overlooked is the fact that Jordan’s Bulls went to the playoffs every single year he was on the team, with the exception of his rookie year. And if you know anything about the Chicago Bulls when Michael was drafted in 1984, they weren’t any good at all. The plan was to build around Jordan, which proved to be pretty good plan.

Michael Jordan Playoff Record Consistency

So in his 15 seasons with the Chicago Bulls, Jordan went to the playoffs 13 consecutive times (if you don’t count the ’94 playoffs when Jordan quit basketball to play baseball). So in 14 possible playoff appearences, Jordan went 13 out of 14. A 93% playoff appearence percentage for the G.O.A.T.

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Another unbelievable Jordan playoff record is his 179 consecutive playoff games with 15 points or more! The record still stand to this day!

Jordan vs Kobe Playoffs

For Comparison, Kobe’s Lakers reached the playoff a total of 15 times in Kobe’s 20 Seasons in the league. That’s 75% playoff appearence percentage; 22% less then Jordan.

Jordan vs LeBron Playoffs

The comparison below shows Michael Jordan’s playoff averages vs that of LeBron James. Also included is each of the players NBA Finals Records, which is what many folks in the “Jordan is the undisputed G.O.A.T” department take there argument (I am one of those folks).

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Michael Jordan vs LeBron James Playoffs Comparison
Michael Jordan vs LeBron James Playoffs Comparison

Michael Jordan Playoff Record

In his 13 playoff apperences, Michael Jordan started a total of 179 games. He won 119 of the games and lost 60. A playoff record of 119-60 gives Jordan a playoff winning percentage of 66%, which is the greatest playoff winning percentage of all-time.

Jordan Playoff Stats

In those 179 playoff games, Michael Jordan had 39 Double-Doubles, and 2 Triple-Doubles. So 23% of the time Jordan had a double-double or better. Jordan’s 33.4 points per game is the best playoff scoring average of all-time.

By the Numbers

Michael Jordan Infographic Playoff Stats

I think the above infographic speaks volumes as to how dominant Jordan was in the playoffs. 1st or 2nd in every major category all-time. The man was a flat out winner.

Michael Jordan’s Finals Record

Michael Jordan’s record in the NBA is 6-0. Recap: 6 Appearences. 6 Championships. 6 Finals MVPs. Enough Said G.O.A.T. Take a look at the tape for yourself!

Michael Jordan Playoff Highlights



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